As a christian believer, or as any other decent human being, your function as a logical, clever person is to distinguish among when there’s a true allegation of racism from whilst someone is gambling the race card. You aren’t to permit absolutely everyone to manipulate you with his or her very own agenda. Take as an instance, a political scenario, in which one politician in desperate need of votes begins playing the race card by means of citing divisive racial problems, as opposed to imparting a concrete platform and paintings plan to the humans. Many people fall prey to such politicians who target the racial sentiments of people. Such people emerge as voting on racial lines in preference to specializing in what the baby-kisser really has to offer. Unavoidably, they get disenchanted because the politician fails to deliver, because they really had not anything extra than political rhetoric to offer.


However, be careful with folks that are short to accuse others of gambling the race card. Lots of such individuals can also have deep-seated racial prejudice and discriminatory ideals, which they have got mastered the act of obscuring. At the floor, they gift themselves to be “non-racist,” while training racism inside the subtlest manner. Within the interim, whilst they accuse others of being racist or playing the race card, they’re no better themselves.

Nevertheless, it is easier for you as an person to fall prey to the sport of playing the race card when you have unresolved problems inside you approximately racism. When you have fear of other races, specifically worry that is prompted by tension over perceived lack of financial control or dominance, your fear ought to dominate your mind and make you a brief target to be without problems manipulated through folks who play the race card. When you have been wounded on your soul by way of one or extra experiences of racism and the “wound” is still a “open sore”, you could be more receptive to someone gambling the race card on one problem or another. That is why you must deal with your reports of racism like every other existence’s terrible reports. Daily, you should preserve to undoubtedly evolve from any enjoy with racism to come to be a better human being who actually refuses to be defeated through racism. A person who refuses to apply or manipulate racism in any way for person gain. Underneath are steps that i suggest which you learn how to take each day for you to benefit your personal man or woman victory over racism, and to keep away from playing the race card game.

A Christian Perspective on the “Race Card” Game – Part 2

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